Philippe Belloni brings 35 years of dog training experience to the American Dog Training Clinic located in San Diego County, California. Whether you are a police officer, sport enthusiast or are just looking for help with your special pet, you can be confident that his credentials are impeccable and his techniques are founded on intense levels of tutelage and competition with world renowned masters of dog training, veterinarians and canine behaviorists.

The experience Philippe brings to make a difference in your dog is based on years of training dogs for police and security work, advanced obedience for dogs filmed in movies and dogs trained to assist people with special needs.

Philippe has experience in the highest levels of competition and civil service, proving over and over his credibility as a professional dog trainer.

When you bring your dog to the American Dog Training Clinic, our trainers analyze both you and your dog as a specialist would examine a patient before recommending a regime. We consider ourselves specialists in evaluating dogs and their handlers to determine what their strengths are and diagnosing where the weaknesses or problems exist. We will use this evaluation to suggest a training program for your dog that is tailored to your dogs psychology. There are many trainers out there with different methods, some which while not the same as mine work very good, but my methods work with all dogs, regardless of their personality (shy, timid, confident, aggressive, etc). We are equipped with a variety of tools to train and bring out the best in your dog.

Philippe breeds Malinois(Belgian Shepherds) in the US under the name des Contes d'Hoffmann.

Philippe teaching Havok du Dantero entry technique for French Ring

"Let's evaluate your dog's character or solve the behavioral issue your dog has instead of applying basic obedience training that could temporarily mask the real behavior or training problem." Philippe Belloni