My Males

The males we use for breeding at the Contes d'Hoffmann kennel are rarely the dogs for high level competition (i.e. point dogs). You will see these dogs at the FRIII, MRIII, etc. level, but not consistently winning the big events. You will see many Contes d'Hoffmann dogs working as high level security/police K9s throughout Europe and the United States. They also make excellent personal protection dogs. Trials have become too picky for the dogs with a big character and full mouth bite, the presentation in the heeling has become so important for the judge, that the reproducer has no place anymore in this program and to breed this male with the same type of female will give us 2 or 3 puppies for working (ie point dogs), 1 or 2 females for breeding and maybe 1 new male for reproduction so the line is not lost.