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We put a lot of who we are into the Malinois we train

Competition is the most difficult type of training. Whether you practice Ring (French or Belgian) or Mondioring or others, there are three classifications: The handler, the trainer and the decoy for competition. The three are very important. There are many excellent handlers who can teach obedience exercises to present a dog in competition, but have never worn a protection suit. There are also many accomplished competition decoys that can out-smart a dog that is lacking technique, but does not have the knowledge to elevate a puppy in training technique that could one day become a champion. The most important classification is the trainer, because this person has the technique to help the dog evolve. I hope you are in agreement with me that it is much easier to destroy than construct. Everybody knows destruction, but very few know construction. This is why I have a deep respect for the trainers.

French Ring is the most difficult for me because it requires enormous technique, patience, speed and psychology. The dog that bites only on arms will never ascend to the higher levels. The dogs should know how to bite on both legs and torso to minimize the decoy escaping and being able to penetrate a difficult barrage that a decoy imposes with the stick. The best trainers are in this sport.

Philippe was the training decoy for the most famous French Ring dogs:
Othar de la Noaillerie, multiple Champion of France - Ring
Tino de la Virginie, Champion of France in Ring
Vidocq du Chateau d'Agadir, multiple French Ring Finalist
Dinar du Chateau d'Agadir, twice Finalist French Ring
Ours de la Noaillerie, twice Finalist French Ring
Cuik du Clos St. Michel, Finalist French Ring
Foster des Deux Mandragores, twice, Finalist French Ring
Hiroshima des Deux Mandragores Mondioring Finalist World.

And many other well known dogs such as the infamous Espoir du Boscaille

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